Welcome friends–hope you will enjoy your time here.  Please subscribe and return often to participate on the blog.

Who (or what :-) ) is the Common Sense Drummer? Face it, the world is full of nonsense–the Internet, airwaves and media are rife with it—not to mention our schools and so-called institutions of  higher learning.  Yeah, think of all the $$$ we waste just to make ourselves (and our kids) dumber [rim shot].

Hi, Gary here.  Well, I won’t pretend to be the lone crusader for sanity because actually there are plenty of good sources at your fingertips.  My job is to help you find them and to provide some free commentary sprinkled with fun. Perhaps someone will object saying, “Hey, one man’s common sense is another man’s nonsense.”  Well, that’s (in a word) . . . hockeypuck! No offense, hockey fans but this site is “G” rated (ok, at least PG-13) so I couldn’t use the real word.  Yes, there is true sense in this world and it is grounded in the ultimate objective reality—God.  The game works when we acknowledge Him and play by His rules. Btw, I am a real drummer—not merely a figurative one, so I will make some noise when you’re not paying attention or are falling asleep. [drum fill]

Why should I subscribe to The Common Sense Drummer? Because you care about what’s dear to you–plain and simple–be it your family, your livelihood, your community or above all–your eternal destiny (or that of someone you love).  Every day you make decisions that affect one or all of these things, but all too often you must decide upon bad information or data filtered through faulty or incomplete reasoning–probably (almost certainly) from someone who is not working for your best interest. This site is for people who want a better future and are willing to do something to make it happen.  And what’s more we can have fun in the process–so forget having to choose between useless entertainment or boring information.

You participate The Common Sense Drummer needs your help too.   I am not an infallible superhero, so please correct me when I stray from the sensible path.  Together (and with God’s help) we can drum nonsense right out the door.  So grab your “sticks” and let’s start pounding–boomp__badda-boomba-badda-boomba-badda-boom. . . ! [Krupa jungle-tom beat]

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