OK, who’s in charge of this chicken outfit?

Um, well. . . that would be me, your shy and quiet drummer boy. :)   And yes I have a name and live in a real location on this marvelous planet we call Earth.  Details on that all in due time, but I want to establish up front that I am a Christian. You can add modifiers such as born-again, conservative or evangelical but that’s OK because these are positive terms as I understand them.  (If they are negative to you, I hope that this site will convince you that they don’t have to be.)   Now you know where I am coming from and who’s really in charge (not me)–any questions?  :)


Drummer: Gary Plavidal   – meet me on Facebook or my YouTube channel

Location: Renton (Seattle), Washingon (USA)

Church:   Renton Christian Center

Education: Oral Roberts University, Theological and Historical  Studies 1976

University of Washington,  Post graduate  business courses

Seattle University,  MBA courses

Experience: Naval Officer, small business manager, security & building maintenance, basic student of life.

Interests: (besides drums and writing about common sense policies and evidence of God’s glory)  skydiving, scuba, computers, mountains, music (jazz, big band, blues, classical, classic rock)

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