Note to Drummers:

Perhaps you stumbled upon this site looking for common sense info to improve your drumming skills or otherwise enhance your drumming experience.  So you’re wondering if in the midst of all the religion, politics and philosophy stuff, will you find any actual drumming content on this site?

Rest assured, the Common Sense Drummer is a drumming fanatic!  Just like you, I don’t want to work–just want to play my drums all day.  So hang on–I’m constructing a section for drummers and drumming fans sure to delight all of our drum genes.  It will include all the good stuff–drum solos, drums featured in bands, technique instruction, tuning tips, equipment talk, and more.

And yes, that classic ’60′s Rogers kit in the background image belongs to the Common Sense Drummer–purchased them in 1969 from a classified ad in the Kansas City Star.   OK, telling you that reveals what a geezer I am (well- at least near-geezer) but at least I’m one that likes to have fun and I expect you to have some fun here too–whatever your age.


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